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Fina EU točka

Funding, EU funds, support


What is Fina EU točka?

Funding, EU funds, support

Fina EU točka is all about helping potential applicants and project promoters to find their way to relevant information on funding opportunities available either through EU funding sources or international financial mechanisms (Norway and EEA Grants, Swiss Contribution). It also seeks to provide information on the system and rules on spending EU funds.  

 The goal of Fina EU točka is to:

  • be a user-friendly information service on EU cohesion policy and international financial mechanisms (Norway and EEA Grants, Swiss Contribution);
  • provide quick, correct and understandable information on funding opportunities for individual target groups;
  • spread the word about success stories and the results and impacts of EU cohesion policy and international financial mechanisms;
  • raise awareness about the importance of EU funding for Slovenia’s development and enhance visibility of EU cohesion policy and international financial mechanisms in Slovenia;
  • increase awareness of potential applicants about the rules and how important it is to respect them, and deliver clearly articulated interpretations;
  • act as a link bringing together the institutions involved in the implementation of EU cohesion policy and of international financial mechanisms;  
  • enhance credibility of individual measures/goals/reforms and build public trust in them.

 How does Fina EU točka work?

  • As part of a dedicated website available at: eu-skladi.si
  • Via e-mail: eutocka.svrk@gov.si
  • Via toll free helpline number 080 20 23. The helpline operates from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 12.00. Helpline calls will be answered by a staff member of the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy.