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  • About the projects

    The project ‘Opportunities and Challenges of the Young in Posavje’ is designed for young people aged between 15 and 29 who are unemployed or still studying. The young can participate in free informal workshops focused on an array of topics, including entrepreneurship, tourism, marketing, digital skills, business communication, public speaking, graphic design, foreign languages. With this project, Youth Centre Brežice tackles youth unemployment in the region by implementing an innovative and well-structured education and training programme which aims to get as many unemployed young people as possible into work. The workshop activities seek to foster cooperation and working together, encourage enhancement of critical thinking and problem solving skills through informal and non-formal channels, and equip young participants with valuable skills and competencies that facilitate labour market integration.

    The Youth Centre Brežice offers a range of publications about the EU, including guides containing basic information about EU principles, mission, work, and employment opportunities, and other literature on entrepreneurship, tourism and other areas as part of the project ‘European Lessons in European Corner’. The emphasis is on the publications aimed at young people and schools: about the ERASMUS Programme, the European Voluntary Service, studying, working and living abroad, internship opportunities in EU institutions, etc. They did not forget about the youngest – pre-school children and primary school children can enjoy in interesting and fun brochures which help them explain and understand what the EU is actually about. The project seeks to bring the EU opportunities closer to the visitors and raise their awareness about a multitude of everyday opportunities offered by the EU. A counsellor providing information about EU-related issues is present each Monday between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., and available to answer the questions of visitors who can participate in a special quiz ‘How much do I know about EU?’ European Corner is designed as a mobile project as it visits Brežice-based secondary schools and faculty once a week.

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